Phase One – Client Research

Here are some questions to review when hiring a Coach:

What are the references, training, and teaching programs they have been through in their professional education? Is Certification and Continuous Education something they are considering for their own business? What experience have they demonstrated in owning a business and do their existing clients have any success stories to share? Is their a system or process in place they follow with their clients? Can they listen, are they empathetic, do they follow principles, do they value trust and confidentiality, and are they themselves accountable for their actions? Are they able to articulate what is going on as clients answer the questions they propose to them as part of a coaching session? Finally, do they understand the value of self management, in particular the role it plays when discussing such topics as fulfillment, balance, and process to others lives?

Phase Two- Strategy Planning

Today many small business owners continue to struggle with the many facets that come from running a business. Each person is at times in different stages of their career and stuck as too what to do in moving their business forward. Many business owners continue to weigh the cost of running their business and yet fail to invest in themselves. Quite simply many small business owners are not concentrating on those traits that they are strong at when it comes to running their business . A Business Coach can provide you with the tools to progress ahead with the goals you have set. The number one decision a business owner should make in planning to grow their business is to hire a coach.

Phase Three- Implementation

By taking the next step and hiring a coach this is what you should expect to receive in return. A Coach that will hold you accountable to your goals and commitments that you have set for your business. A Coach, through a series of powerful questions,that can help move your business forward . A Coach that can help create opportunities that maybe you are missing in your business. A Coach,through a series of exercises, that can see if the business is aligned to the business owners core values. A Coach, that can provide the tools that can have an immediate positive effect on your business. A Coach, that can challenge the small business owner to make those courageous choices for real transformation to take place. Lastly, an honest, respectful, and trustworthy relationship with your Coach that can reap real success.